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Welcome to Hao Feng FishionWebsite.
A Hao Feng membership is required for Hao Feng service
The members can enjoy the information provided by Hao Feng and on-line order Hao Feng Products.
Note: the basic information is used in loginning.  The member information will be automatically recorded Into your order when you are shopping on-line.

Basic information

The items in red are musts

Account: 6-16 numbers or CHINESE letters, starting with CHINESE letters.
 No difference between the upper and lower cases.
 Password:   6-16 numbers or CHINESE letters. No difference between the upper 
and lower cases.
 Comfirm Pass:
Self-set question:

This question will be asked by the system 
when you try to refind you password. For example “ What’s the Name of your Cat?”  

Self-set answer: The answer to the self-set question.“ Tom” for example. 
Please remember your answer.

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